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God is Still Good by Rosalee Moore

Release Date: 06.15.18

by Rosalee Moore

Created: October 11, 2018 / Last Updated: October 07, 2019
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Song Info:

"God is Still Good" is a single from the upcoming "God is Still Good Album", release date October 26, 2018 and is the second track on the album. It is a Southern Gospel song that shows us God is still good and no matter where we are or where we may go He is always there to help us. We cannot escape His great powerful hand. He will be there forever and ever. I hope this song will be a blessing to you and will help you draw closer to the Lord.

"God is Still Good" was written, produced, mixed, and mastered by Rosalee Moore at her home in Jackson, Ky. All vocals are by Rosalee as well.


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