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Dustin White ~ She has a voice of a thousand angels. I think everyone should buy a cd.

David Patrick Bryan ~ Rosalee - a singer with passion for the Lord.

Velma Anderson ~ I believe Rosalee is truly blessed with voice and a gift of putting what is in her heart together to create a touching song.  Each song has meaning and a message to be heard.

Jessica Patrick Elam ~ I can feel the heart of the Lord in Rosalee's songs.  I love the song "Little Blessings".

Delorse Parks ~ Love Rosalee's anointed singing.

If you are a fan of legendary southern gospel singers and songwriters such as Dottie Rambo, The Goodmans, The Singing Cookes, The McGruders, The McKameys and so many more wonderful gospel artists like them, then, Rosalee Moore's music is a must have for your collection.

Her lyrics have captured the attention of many gospel music lovers in eastern Kentucky and her soulful delivery of her melodies make her music the perfect solution for your musical needs.

Rosalee is giving away 3 songs absolutely free to all who sign up for her email updates.  Titles include: "Little Blessings" from the original "Little Blessings Album", Happy Birthday Jesus" from the "Kentucky Mountain Christmas Ep", and "The Angels Rejoiced" from the "Little Blessings Re-release Album". Just fill in the form to the right to get your Free music today...

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